Monday, 7 March 2011

Project Overview for Programme Startup Meeting

What content and metadata are you working with?

Archival catalogue data; ISAD(G)/EAD; Collection level descriptions; Authority files (People, Organisations, Places, Subjects)

How will this data be made available?

Once the Linked Data research team (CeRCH) has established appropriate ontologies,schemas and URI schemes, the Open Metadata will be published in SKOS format (much as UKAT currently is).

What are your use cases for the data?

The use of linked data ontologies within the AIM25 system will provide many opportunities to associate AIM25 records automatically and intelligently with other information resources; and it will allow other information resources to locate and link to archives information in AIM25, enhancing discovery, and supporting the aggregation of AIM25 data into dynamic searches and aggregators across the sector.

The archival authority files that will be published as open data contain a wealth of information of interest and value that could be reused in many ways, in other archive and library systems, as well as in historical, biographical and genealogical contexts . The data could also be extended and enriched in the course of its reuse, and the derived datasets in turn be available for reuse in AIM25.

What benefits to your institution and the sector do you anticipate?

  • Improved discovery/discoverablility
  • Improved linking and interoperability with other web resources
  • Improve takeup for authoritative archives data and metadata 
  • Assessment of added value of linked/semantic data to online archives and cataloguing

Technical approaches / challenges
  • Agreeing and defining ontologies, schemata
  • Implementing effective tools in short timescale
  • Implementing the FLISM popup menu interface

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